Golden Harvest

A Historical Fiction Series — Coming Soon!!

A parent’s desire is to be acknowledged by their children and to pass on their legacy. A child’s desire is to be in their parents’ unconditional good graces.

In 1864, Jonathan and Mary Sawyer follows God’s direction and moves their family from war-torn Perryville, Kentucky to the untamed frontier town of Snelling, California. Encountering the vast cultures and events occurring during the Golden State’s formable years, the family experiences difficulties in the land of promise. It came in the form of a disappointing harvest, gold fever, first love lost, unsavory friendships, and barriers to fulfilling a calling.

Jonathan finds encouragement from the Parable of the Sower, which correlates with the circumstances his family members are going through. Will he be able to extend grace to his struggling children and give them their inheritance despite the mistakes they make in their lives? And will the children be able to prove they are worthy of receiving their inheritance by learning from their mistakes?

The Sawyer’s trials and their victories are as timeless as the parable itself and will shed insight, encouragement, and direction for the entire family. They realize the circumstances they face is part of God’s plan to develop their Christian character for His golden harvest.

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